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Moodboard wishlist chenes :((

Moodboard wishlist chenes :((

1 Notes | Posted on April 14, 2014

You’re probably still awake right now. You stay up until 1am like you always do. Like we always do. We stay late at night because we want to talk thru the phone. We talk about what happened in our day, gossip, and everything under the sun. Remember when I would always ask you to be sweet to me? And you never did? Well, there were times that you were sweet.. But not what I was expecting.

I miss you, and this is the first day that I’m living without you. I still love you, there’s no doubt about that. But this is a pain I can’t endure for a long time. I still remember everything. I can still imagine you being with me. Why does it have to be like this? *sigh*

I’m still expecting you’ll find ways on how to communicate to me, but really I just want to hear it from you sincerely that you’re sorry. And maybe I can give you my forgiveness.

But as long as you’re not doing anything for it, you don’t deserve anything from me.

But I miss you already, seriously.

(Ellen Adarna lang ang peg, hindi konek konek.)

Yup sometimes I wonder why he doesn’t love me back. I believe that I’m pretty.. (Self proclaimed) I’m smart, I’m sweet (maybe to sweet but whatevs). I can be what a typical guy is looking for (well maybe except for being pretty.. my skintone is just ugh).I just wanna know why.. Because it hurts. It hurts to know that I’m not worth to be fought for. Not worth it to be loved back.
Omg I just ranted abt my insecurity i’m sorry.

I just want to try Tumblr on iPhone heehee


So, this is still Tumblr right? I think its been a while since I posted a legit blog post. I mean, seriously. I post once in a while and then that’s that. Where’s that old Karla who blogs frequently, who reads a lot of fashion blogs? That Karla who always brings a camera for her to post right after?

I miss that Karla.

Sorry, blog. I’ll make it up to you. :)

Clingy much!

Clingy much!

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